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France, Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion

Château Larcis Ducasse 1959-2020

Humankind’s conflict with the forces of nature is a primal struggle. On a basic level, it’s the crux of our survival. But often, this necessity to control our environment for posterity tips over into an obsession to conquer. It’s the sport of the grapple with the ultimate opponent. It’s Moby DickThe Perfect Storm, Constable, Turner, and The Old Man and the Sea. A tireless theme in art, literature, and film, I can’t but think that the thrill of this battle is most vividly experienced in a vintage of a single vineyard wine that exceeds all that has come before it. Because, let’s face it, great wine doesn’t fall from great terroir into bottles. It is earned.

Jacques-Olivier Gratiot

The Old Man and the Sea

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