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The Unrelenting Call of Charbono

The Matt Morris Story


By R.H. Drexel

Bordeaux Verticals

from 2000 to present

The Wine Independent aims to populate our database as the most up to date resource for reviews

of all the major Bordeaux châteaux from the vintage 2000 to the present.

Setting the Right Pace

An Afternoon with McPrice Myers

By R.H. Drexel

2023 Beyond Bordeaux Releases


The new Beyond Bordeaux Place de Bordeaux releases include wines from Piedmont, Tuscany, Spain, Burgundy, Champagne, the Rhône, Chile, Argentina, Australia, and more, including big names like Solaia, Masseto, Bibi Graetz, Telmo Rodriguez, Catena Zapata, and Champagne Philipponat.

A Few Words On Smoke Taint


There will be more to say about the extent of the smoke taint issue in Californian wines in 2020 when I produce the largescale reports on California Central Coast and Napa Valley later this year. But as offers on the 2020 wines are starting to emerge, we wanted to give consumers a heads-up.


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