Tuscany’s Top 25 New Releases

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Tuscany’s Top 25 New Releases

These 25 reviews feature some of the famous names and Tuscan “superstars,” but there are also, hopefully, one or two surprises!

Under the Tuscan Sun

This selection of 25 wine reviews is just the first tranche of a more extensive report covering Tuscany. These 25 wines are some of the best and highest-scoring wines I tasted. There are some excellent wines from Bolgheri and Costa Toscana featuring Bordeaux grape varieties, either as individual varietals – Cabernet Franc, Merlot feature strongly - or combined in classic Cabernet Sauvignon blends. I have also listed some delightful 100% Sangiovese or Sangiovese blends from Chianti Classico. 

The reviews feature some of the famous names and Tuscan “superstars,” but there are also, I hope, one or two surprises.

In the wine reviews and articles to follow, there will be an overview of the 2019 vintage, and we will see more of these yet-to-be-discovered gems.

Another factor in my selection was choosing wines that were recently released or about to be released onto the market either in the Place de Bordeaux or through local importers. Hopefully, this will give you a heads-up with your shopping list!

There are some truly lovely wines here, including some that I have awarded 100 points. For me, a 100-point wine is as close to perfect as it is possible to be with that variety or varieties in that particular vintage. It is, of course, a wine that should have concentration and depth of flavor, but it is also very much about finesse and elegance. It should flow seamlessly and gracefully across the palate and be a delicious wine to drink and enjoy. It is a wine that makes you feel something – an emotion as well as the pure physical pleasure of drinking it. I hope you get the chance to enjoy some of these beauties.

A perfect wine is very much about finesse and elegance.

Happy reading and happy drinking.

Article & Reviews by Susan Hulme MW
Photos by Svante Örnberg

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